Is Hemp Oil The Same As CBD Oil? Find the Difference Now

There is a difference between hemp oil on oil indeed. It’s because these two may be made by using different products. But take note that there are multiple differences between the two product. It’s just that there is one reason why there are people who are wondering whether CBD oil is just the same as the traditional hemp oil that has helped a lot of people already. Gladly, you’re on the right page as we will educate you well. So if you’re asking, “is hemp oil the same as CBD oil?”, then just take note what you will read below.

It’s the Ingredient!
The main reason why there is a difference between the two product is because of the ingredient being used. Hemp oil is purely made of hemp - which is a cannabis sativa plant that’s mainly used for industrial purposes. This type of plant is known to contain pure CBD, aside from its properties that can be useful for a wide variety of everyday products that we can use.

However, this isn’t its difference from the CBD oils. CBD oils could still be made from hemp, but some might be made of other cannabis strains. It could also be a sativa, but can also be an indica or hybrid strain. These products may or may not contain THC - the component that can get you high. This is the main difference between hemp and CBD oils. So if you encounter a CBD oil, you should research about the strain being used for the product, especially if you don’t prefer getting high with THC.

Researching is a huge matter when finding out the difference between hemp and CBD oils, as it can greatly help you find out if it can get you high or not. It’s understood that there are some patients who don’t want to get high but want to get the right medication. That’s why it’s very important to learn about this matter.