ReZoom Multifocal IOL

ReZoom Multifocal IOL

Multifocal Intraocular lenses are used in patients suffering from cataract. The natural lens of the eyes is removed during the cataract surgery and the doctor replaces the natural lens with a multifocal intraocular lens. Multifocal IOLs will provide a vision of the object located at variable distances whereas monofocal IOLs can only provide a great distant vision of the object, but requires spectacles for a near vision. Boothe Eyecare and their staff will decide whether the patient is a good candidate for using the multifocal IOL and the type of the multifocal IOL to be used in the surgery also determined by our doctor considering the lifestyles, vision correction requirements and other unique circumstances.

According to Dr. William Boothe, five focusing points are available in ReZoom Multifocal lens for obtaining full vision from all distances. The central point of the IOL is used for vision at great distance, particularly when the pupil gets contracted in bright light. There are four concentric rings surrounding the central point of the multifocal IOL. The initial ring is the near dominant zone which consists of the power of the lens and it provides better vision of near object in various light conditions.

The second ring is the second distance zone to have a good distant vision of objects in moderate and low lighting situations. The third ring of the IOL is the near zone that provides good near vision in different ambient lighting. The fourth and final concentric ring is a distant dominant zone that provides good distant vision in low lighting situation. ReZoom Multifocal IOL is manufactured using an acrylic material which is flexible. This flexibility of the lens allows it to fold and is inserted in to the eye by creating a small incision.

According to Dr. Boothe, 93% of the patients who had undergone cataract surgery to implant ReZoom Multifocal IOL never need reading glasses for distant vision after the eye surgery. Nearly 82% of the patients with ReZoom Multifocal IOL implants did not require any spectacles for near vision after the procedure. Dr.William Boothe will perform the surgery using laser technology while the patient is awake. The entire procedure of removing and replacing of the lens requires about 15-45 minutes. Most of the patients will recover their vision almost instantly after the surgery and the vision will improve gradually in the following weeks after the procedure.

The side-effects will vary from patient to patient and in most of the cases, they are noticeable only for the initial few months after performing the procedure as the eyes are sensitive during that period. The common side-effect is glare or halos viewed around the bright lights. Dr. Boothe will explain the difficulties with halos and glares to patients before doing the procedure. Dr. Boothe prefers ReZoom Multifocal IOL for cataract because this intraocular lens has visual zones which are uniquely proportioned. The staff at Boothe Eyecare & Laser Center are experts in implanting multifocal intraocular lenses.